Portrait: Bonnie J Matthews-FrankeLife has taken me in many directions but led me back to photography. I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember, but was introduced to digital photography only a few years ago. When I discovered this fantastic world of digital I decided to take photography to the next level. I joined our local camera club LPA,, and then NYI School of Photography. Photography not only is my passion but is my obsession!

I belong to Lancaster Photography Association (LPA) where I have learned so much through their programs, guest speakers, workshops, competitions, weekly discussion groups, a monthly newsletter, field trips and most importantly, the wonderful members ranging from novice to master photographers. These members share their vast amounts of knowledge to all and you take away what you contribute. I would highly recommend to everyone if they have a local camera club, to get involved. If it isnít "all it could be," then step up and help make it what you want it to be.

I participate in local, state and international competitions which I feel have made me a better photographer. The quality of my work has increased and I constantly challenge myself for these competitions . I would advise everyone to take that first step and enter your first competition, don't be afraid, use it as an educational tool, not as a way to receive an award. Yes, the awards are nice but the knowledge is the true award!

Many people and circumstances in my life have influenced the way I view the world today. From my grandparents, to my parents, to my deceased ex-husband, to my sons and to my grandchildren. From all the disabled I helped throughout the years, to those I am close to and those I am not, all my good, to all my bad memories, my inner peaceful images, to the sites of war and violence I view thru others eyes, and from life to death. Photography is a way to show and tell a story.

My camera never leaves me. I always have my Canon P&S in my car and for planned trips, then I have my Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 5D Mk II and/or Canon EOS 50D with various lenses, filters etc. with me. I am always prepared to search for and capture the perfect image, but yet I donít believe there is such a thing as "perfect image." When you look at an image, no matter how many times, you will see something new or different that wasnít seen before. This not only amazes me, but it excites me as I attempt to capture the beauty and emotion that can be seen everywhere and in long as one chooses to see it, with endless possibilities. Photography is a wonderful tool to express those choices. I love to shoot everything around me - landscapes, waterscapes, old buildings, abandon vehicles in the middle of nomads land, abstracts, pretty much anything classic. I also enjoy oddities and random situations- natural or man-made. Whatever catches my eye, I will attempt to capture it. You will find samples of those pictures at I am dedicating this site to portraits, relationships, families, love and expression.

I believe beauty is all around us and there are always shots to be captured. I love sharing moments with others as I view the world. I want my photography to reflect beauty through expression. Moments slip by us so fast and I want to catch each moment through expressions to be passed on to the next generations.

Once I began taking portraits, I purchased the necessary equipment and took the necessary steps to open my home studio. I have found my passion in shooting Boudoir Photography. I love taking pictures of women, allowing them to be creative, letting them have fun while I am photographing them, which reflects their beauty inside and out, in my opinion, is the BEST BEAUTY a person can have. This is how your pictures will truly reflect YOU! Anyone can snap a picture but I want to create memories that will last forever

Call me for more information M-F, 10am-4 pm, (661)945-9442 or you can send me a message under "Contact Me" and I will respond promptly.

~Bonnie J. Matthews-Franke

Professional Affiliations:
PPA ~ Professional Photographers of America
PSA ~ Photographic Society of America
PPC ~ Professional Photographers of California
S4C ~ So California Council of Camera Clubs
LPA ~ Lancaster Photography Association ~ Certified Better Photographer!

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